Archive of Air Conditions

Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody ever seems to do anything about it.

~Willard Scott


The people look to their local news station during the 10 or 11 o’clock hour just for the weather forecast of the next day. Typically those “forecasters” are merely people who have no knowledge of meteorology. Really, meteorologists dive deep into research of atmospheric patterns around the globe. This map portrays paths of communication and direct transportation of NEXRAD centers to the territory.

whether or not

Why settle for a warm, temperate climate? If a shopping mall can simulate an indoor beach, then an ice chalet can definitely exist during the summer solstice in NYC. edited. edited.

Broken promises are evident throughout the history of culture, especially those of the forecasters. What is fascinating about the forecaster is that whether they predict the weather event correctly or incorrectly, the general public will continue to go to the forecaster for their predictions and insight like their lives depend on it, especially during extreme, life-threatening atmospheric conditions. Moore, Oklahoma. Moore, Oklahoma.

concentrated air conditions

Purely concentrated chemical compounds that once fused with water molecules, are dispensed into the atmosphere like a mist and become safe for the atmosphere and are safe to interact with after a certain distance of diffusion.

If the concentrated chemical compounds come in contact with the air before it is fused with pure water, it is extremely dangerous to breathe and come in contact with the rest of the human body.

Fatal if concentrated chemicals are inhaled; non-harmful once fused with water molecules.

nat nalley

nat nalley

parabolic diffusion

The paramount of the operation: the parabolic diffuser. This is what would be also known as the public dispersement of the CAC. At the smallest section of the conical shaped structure, the CAC is fused with water molecules, then distributed into the air like a pressure washer, moved by turbines to propel the now air condition throughout the atmosphere.

The farther away the chemical compounds float like a mist from the location of fusion, the less concentrated and safer it is to inhale the air condition. The cone will act as an the mouth of an ongoing demonstration with the environment the mist diffuses into and throughout. Businesses will use system to train and simulate extreme air conditions in the highly-concentrated CAC areas.

nat nalley

nat nalley

deep variable route system

There is a space dedicated to the striation of conduit connected from the tip of the conical structure to each container of CAC. Since the CAC stabilizes once mixed with water, the main inhibited space of the route system will be under the surface of the water, in case of leakage or emission of CAC . This means that if maintenance is required, several archivists must be proficient in scuba-diving in order to properly maintain the system. Each individual conduit will be thin in diameter, yet impenetrable by force.

nat nalley

nat nalley

sheer essence

Storage system of CAC. CAC are stored in gallon size, pill shaped containers. Miniature versions of atmospheric storage tanks stored in a way similar to a test tube rack, but on a larger scale, for example a 10,000ft2 room with a 100ft tall ceiling with oversized test tube racks stacked on top of each other. Space would act like a container itself, sitting on top of a trench whose pit is deep into ground. Inaccessible to anyone, only for maintenance when absolutely necessary. Catalogue temporarily disabled or “frozen” when maintenance occurs.

Google Earth. edited.

Google Earth. edited.

[in] formation

The territory has been (re)designed in a way such that the public, in their candid, subconscious movement will flow into and away from the diffusion, has moderate interaction with the cycling air conditions and if interested, the existing structure (and possibly new structures) will be appealing enough to draw the interested into the fabricated extract archival area to learn more about CAC.